Zilla Green Terrarium Liner for Reptiles

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Zilla Terrarium Liners are absorbent, non-abrasive carpet sheets that provide an easy, hassle-free solution to reptile substrate. Liners are non-irritating to sensitive feet and feature a biodegradable enzyme that fights reptile odors.

  • Absorbent, non-abrasive material will not irritate
  • Safe - cannot be ingested
  • Made from recycled materials

Terrarium liners are ideal for juvenile reptiles that might accidentally ingest loose bedding.

10 Gallon: 9.75"L x 19.75"W
15/20H Gallon: 11.75"L x 23.5"W
20L/29 Gallon: 11.75"L x 29.5"W
40/50 Gallon: 17.25"L x 35.25"W
55 Gallon: 11.75"L x 47.5"W

Installation: If required, cut to size with scissors. Place in bottom of terrarium. Add decorative items and food and water dishes.

Cleaning: Remove liner and rinse with cold tap water. Allow to air dry and replace in terrarium. Install new liner monthly or as needed.