Braided 6" Bully Sticks Odor Free Dog Treats - 100% Beef

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Our Bully sticks are made from 100% beef pizzle. These premium treats are a good source of amino acids, known to support brain health as well as body and coat health. These long-lasting chews also promote healthy teeth and gums. Easy to digest, high in protein, and low in fat. No additives, fillers, hormones, chemicals, or preservatives

Product Highlights:

Sing ingredient - All our dog treats are made with one ingredient, no additives, no hormones, no harmful chemicals, and NO JUNK!

High Protein - Our treats are high in protein, and rich in amino acids that helps to support muscle development.

100% Digestible - Only 100% natural ingredients (Real Meat) are used to produce our treats making them extremely easy to digest.

Real Meat - Only the highest quality grass-fed, free-range, animals are ethically sourced for our dog chews.

Low Odor - Our outstanding quality control and low odor treats are distinguished from others. We won't reek up your shelves!

Ingredients: Beef Pizzle

Height: 6 inch

Weight: Avg 31g each