Adjustable Cat Foot Claw Cover


Anti-Dropping Cat Shoes: Cat anti-scratch shoes can help you prevent yourself from getting scratched when dressing up your cat and let you rest assured that you can bathe and the haircut your cat.

Anti-Dropping Special Design: The top opening and Velcro design of cat bath boots make them adjustable in size suit for all kinds of cats. The internal thorn design can massage the cat, preventing shoes from falling off.

Leakage Hole Design: The hole at the bottom of the cat shoes can let the water freely in and out, preventing cats' claws from soaking in the accumulated water and keeping them clean when bathing.

Safety protection: The protective boots can wrap the cat's paws, so you can bathe, inject, give medicine, and shave your cat without worry.

Suitable types of cats: Our cat's paw shoes are suitable for small and medium cats, such as American shorthair, Hayman Island, Persian, Egyptian, Korat, Japanese Bobtail, etc. They are not ideal for large cats, such as Maine Coon

Product Details
Name: Multifunctional cat foot cover
Material: TPE material
Weight: about 100g
Packing size: 14.5*8.5*3.5CM
Product size: 2.5*7*3.5cm
Product Features: Full Surrounding Design
Product color: light blue/light green/pink
Quantity: 4

1.Soft Silicone- Soft silicone material, does not hurt the cat's paw
2.Opening Design- Suitable for cats of different sizes
3.Elasticity of Adjustable size, easy to use. Concave ring design to prevent the from slipping
4.Clean and hygienic- Bottom loopholes prevent water accumulation, cat and cat bathing is more clean and hygienic
5. Convenient stora Boxed, easy to store and carry

Package Included: 4*Cat foot cover