Looper Upcycled Fabric Rope Dog Toys

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Product Details:

Reduce your furry footprint with ReRope sustainably-entwined pet products. ReRope eco-positive pet leashes transform up-cycled textile remnants into sustainably-entwined colorful rope creations.

All ReRope products use hand-knotting techniques of splicing and whipping to enhance strength and durability that allows for a comfortable stretch resistance. Enjoy a tug a war game with this strong dog toy for aggressive chewers.

Made in the USA:  All products are handmade in the heart of America - Des Moines, Iowa.

The barrel knot is a knot made by twisting the ends of two standing parts one around the other three times and then pushing the ends back through the center twist. Textile remnant material includes a cotton jersey blend that allows for a comfortable stretch resistance.

For every product sold, a toy is donated to a local pet shelter organization.

Upcycled Textile Remnants

Recycled Tennis Ball - We partner with local tennis clubs to recycle tennis balls.

Utilizes upcycled textile remnants.

Handmade in the USA - Des Moines, IA

Created using durable, sustainable material that still allows for a comfortable stretch resistance. 

Sustainable, durable pet products never looked so good!

Length: 12 in

Rope diameter: .7 in