Equine Pet Anti-itch Spray

Product Description:

Say goodbye to pet discomfort with our Pet Anti-Itch Spray—a robust solution for a range of animal fungal and skin conditions. This powerful formula merges Ketoconazole and Zinc, effectively inhibiting fungal growth while fostering healing and alleviating itch and irritation. Specifically crafted to tackle issues like Thrush and Ringworm, this touch-free spray ensures a hassle-free application. Economical and user-friendly, it's your go-to choice for enhancing your pet's well-being.


  • Formula: Ketoconazole and Zinc blend
  • Purpose: Anti-itch, antifungal, healing
  • Conditions Addressed: Suitable for various animal fungal and skin conditions, including Thrush and Ringworm
  • Application: Touch-free spray
  • Volume: 4.5oz
  • User Benefits: Promotes healing, reduces itch and irritation
  • Convenience: Economical and easy to use