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BERLIN BAKERY: Whole Grain Spelt Sprouted Bread, 19 Oz

Our "Sprouted" Spelt is sprouted and stone ground on site to ensure no rancidity and maximizes freshness. Don't be fooled by the light texture of this bread- there is whole grain goodness in every bite. The light and delicate nature of our breads in comparison to others you may find- is due to the stone milling process we use to prepare fresh flour daily. The sprouting process combined with the naturally occurring high water solubility of spelt grain aid in the ease of digestion. Our customers refer to our breads as "the feel good bread"- which is exactly what they were created to do. A bread you can feel good about! The sprouted Integrity'spelt flour used to prepare this bread significantly increases the ease of digestibility. Although its nutritious...its the rich nutty taste that will keep you coming back for more. Sprouted Integrity'spelt (wheat) flour, water, honey, yeast, sea salt. (The FDA categorizes ALL Spelt as Wheat. This is an ALL SPELT product. No "other" variety of wheat has been added). Shelf Life 270 days Dairy Free, Kosher

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