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COCONUT DREAM: Enriched Vanilla Coconut Drink, 32 Oz

COCONUT DREAM® Coconut Drink, winner of the ChefsBest® Certified Award*, is a delicious, premium non-dairy beverage made from real coconut - with 3x more calcium than the leading brand!** A dairy free dream come true, COCONUT DREAM® Coconut Drink is enriched with Vitamin A, Vitamin D, & Vitamin B12 and Calcium.** It's also a natural source of energy providing 3g Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) per serving. MCFAs are more readily metabolized than long chain fatty acids, and may support metabolism.*** Available in Original, Unsweetened Original and Vanilla. COCONUT DREAM® Coconut Drink shelf-stable beverages have a creamy, refreshing flavor and the shelf-stable (aseptic) packaging ensures it will stay fresh in your pantry for up to a year. It’s delicious and nutritious - so pour it over your cereal, chill it and enjoy it by the glass, or use in your favorite recipes. *-The ChefsBest® Certified Award is awarded to COCONUT DREAM®, the Coconut Drink brand highly rated overall by independent professional chefs. **-COCONUT DREAM® coconut drink contains 300mg calcium per serving. The other leading brand contains 100mg of calcium per serving. See Nutrition Information for saturated fat content. ***-Comprised of 3g Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAS) per serving - a form of fatty acid which is more readily metabolized than long chain fatty acids.

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