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EARTH FRIENDLY: EcosBreeze Room Spray Honeydew, 4 oz

ECOSBreeze™ Room Spray brings the freshness of nature into your home. With a unique selection of five Signature Scents, each bottle of ECOSBreeze™ Room Spray is infused with a custom, hand-crafted blend of essential oils designed with you in mind. You’re BOLD. For you, life is not just a journey. It’s an adventure. You’re not afraid to experiment. To experience something new. To challenge yourself. To push boundaries. When everyone else takes a step back, you’re the one who stands out… who dives head first into the next adventure, eager and excited for what life will bring you next. That’s why we created a scent just for you—a distinct, invigorating honeydew blend that energizes the senses and dares to be exceptional… just like you. Bullets: Signature Honeydew scent formulated with a BOLD blend of spicy ginger and revitalizing orange essential oils

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