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EAST WIND: No Salt Smooth Almond Butter, 16 Oz

East Wind Almond Butter is made from Mission variety almonds. Our buyers secure the best tasting almonds from mature groves in northern California. We never purchase almonds sprayed with PPO and our growers provide certificate of analysis to ensure the quality of the almonds. After dry-roasting and cooling, we mill the unblanched almonds into Smooth or Crunchy Almond Butter. With the skins left on, East Wind Almond Butter has a dark, rich color and flavor. Our Almond Butter has no added ingredients— just fresh-roasted almonds. No stabilizers, preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors. Almond butter is wonderful on sliced apples and pears. And, it works great as a peanut butter replacement in your favorite recipes. You can order East Wind Almond Butter in 16-oz. jars (4-pack), 16-oz. glass jars (case) or bulk, in 15-lb. tubs or 35-lb. tubs.

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