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FRESH BELLIES: Baby Food Shroomtastic, 1 oz

We have so mush-room in our hearts for this flavor! Not only is it the first time ever that mushrooms make a debut in kid snacks, it tastes totally awesome. We took sorghum and mushroom and seasoned it with savory sage and aromatic garlic. The end result? BOMB!  So what are Groovies anyway? A puff? Nope, they’re not puffs. Groovies are naturally uneven, dense and groovy, literally. They’re made with Sorghum and vegetables and seasoned with gnarly herbs and spices. What is Sorghum, you ask? It’s an ancient whole grain that's been rockin’ around the world for thousands of years for its nutritional properties. It’s a naturally gluten free and environmentally responsible crop. Way cool! When we came across Sorghum, we thought: what if we took this far out crop and turned it into a clean, tasty snack for kiddos? Impossible! Said the skeptics. But that’s exactly what we did. Enjoy the groove, friends!

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