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GLORY BEE: Artisan Fermented Honey, 8.45 fl oz

GloryBee’s Artisan Fermented Honey is made in Thailand using traditional methods that trace back to ancient eras. Pure longan honey is placed in ceramic casks to ferment naturally without the addition of artificial colorings or preservatives. Green tea is added to reduce acidity for a softer flavor and the mixture is placed in oak barrels to age. After six months, the Artisan Fermented Honey is finished off with more longan honey to add sweetness and round out the tartness of the vinegar for a smooth taste. Honey gets its flavor from the type of flowers the bees visit to get nectar. Our Artisan Fermented Honey gets its unique taste from the nectar of the longan trees of Thailand. Longan honey is golden sweet and considered a rare delicacy throughout southeast Asia. Both honey and vinegar have been used for centuries because of their believed health benefits. Together, these ingredients create a delicious and versatile condiment for use both on its own and combined with other ingredients.

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