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GRABGREEN: Room & Fabric Fresheners Vetiver, 7 oz

Rather than masking odors with perfumes, our Room & Fabric Fresheners neutralize odors, naturally, with zinc ricinoleate. Achieve a naturally-fresh smelling home WITHOUT harmful phthalates. Scented with essential oils, this biodegradable formula is perfect for scenting the air, eliminating unwanted odors from kitchens and bathrooms or refreshing linens! ON THE OUTSIDEBold-colored, tactile labels featuring delicate line art. Package design clearly states what the product does & how to use it; the ingredients are listed in full, along with each ingredient's purpose. ON THE INSIDENatural odor-neutralizer combined with essential oils to safely eliminate odors, freshen air and fabrics, without harmful ingredients such as phthalates or formaldehyde. Available in seven beautifully-balanced fragrances to satisfy your particular scent preference. Made WITHOUT Phthalates, Formaldehyde or Dyes

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