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HANSEN: Diet Soda Pomegranate 6-12oz, 72 oz

THE SOCAL SPIRIT RUNS DEEP AT HANSEN’S®. We’ve been free-wheeling, authentic and creative from the beginning. In the 1930s, we established our company by selling fresh non-pasteurized juices to the film studios. NOTHING BUT THE BEST WOULD DO, and we’ve been making our products this way ever since. THE UNCONVENTIONAL ROUTE. Walking to the beat of our own drum is just how we do things. Looking for a better option, we introduced our PIONEERING LINE OF NATURAL SODAS IN THE 1970S, and in 2008 we pushed them further, switching to a REAL CANE SUGAR RECIPE for our original soda line-up*. NOTHING IS TOO BOLD. Today, we celebrate the UNIQUENESS AND CREATIVITY in all of us by crafting a remarkable range of BOLD FLAVORS across our original and diet offerings, and always experimenting with new ones.

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