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HELLMANN'S: Extra Heavy Real Mayonnaise, 1 ga

More than 100 years after Richard Hellmann opened his Deli in New York, we continue to use “Blue Ribbon Quality” ingredients to bring out the best in our mayo, sauces and dressings. We are committed to sourcing our ingredients from sustainable sources because we know that we need to make products that not only taste good, but do good for our customers and our planet.Since January 2017, all Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Dressing (excluding Vegan Carefully Crafted Dressing) available in the U.S. are made exclusively from cage-free eggs.We’re proud that we reached this goal of using 100% cage-free eggs 3 years early, and so are the independent third parties that certify our eggs, including the American Humane Association™ and the Association For Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry. Lids off to everyone who helped to make that happen, including our producers whose care and handling of egg-laying hens meet animal-welfare standards.