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HIMALAYAN CHEF: Grinder Salt Himalayan Pink Ch, 3.53 oz

HimalayanChef is the Brand of WBM International. We are the largest manufacturer, exporter and importer of this ancient salt. Our array of products extends from edible salt and salt lamps to decorative fans, flameless candles, and fireplace heaters.Our headquarters are in Flemington, NJ, where we distribute nationwide. We began as a small company selling salt lamps to health and natural food stores, and have grown to a complete solution company which mines the salt, makes the lamps, exports and distributes to accounts ranging from national retailers to health food stores, We sell from niche to mainstream. Our Himalayan Pink table salt is showing similar signs of growth. It is the healthiest salt in the world--it's'unprocessed, with its 84 minerals remaining intact, and with no added chemicals. It was awarded Best Tasting Salt in the World. We donate a portion of our profits through the WBM International Foundation Protecting the environment and educating people on the need to do it..

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