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ICELAND SPRING: Natural Spring Water, 33.8 oz

Iceland Spring water is an all natural spring water, originating in the nature reserve Heidmork in Iceland. Iceland Spring is considered some of the purest water in the world, it's as pure as it gets. As per requirements of IBWA (International Bottled Water Association) membership, Iceland Spring has, since January 2002, been certified according to the IBWA´s HACCP Model Code Bottled Water Regulation, as are the majority of the world´s more important bottled water producers. ISWNF INTERNATIONAL recognizes ICELAND SPRING, Inc. ICELAND - Is an active participant in the NSF Bottled Water Certification Program and has Demonstrated Compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration Regulations in Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 1, Parts 110, 129 and 165 and Codex CAC / RCP 1, 1969 REv.3 (1997) Products Appearing in the NSF Official Listing are Authorized to bear the NSF Mark. Last issued on February 7, 2008. This certification is bases on annual analytical tests on Source Water Samples and finished products, carried out by NSF International in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and an annual announced In-Plant Audit for HACCP plan, Review on GMP Hygiene, Sanitation, Record kepping, Testing requirements, Maintenance and Certification policies.

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