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KARMA: Wellness Water Pineapple Coconut, 18 oz

HEALTHY HYDRATION pineapple coconut Improve your hydration with: GREEN TEA EXTRACTNatural source of caffeine that supports general health and wellbeing RESVERATROLAssociated with anti-aging and vitality, as well as heart health MACA EXTRACTMedicinal herb traditionally used to promote vitality CALCIUMHelps maintain important mineral/electrolyte balance MAGNESIUMMineral necessary for every major biological process POTASSIUMRegulates fluid balance and supports muscle tissue development SODIUMMineral and electrolyte that helps regulate water in body L-TYROSINEAmino acid aids focus and alertness while reducing stress and fatigue PHOSPHORUSMineral that helps increase endurance

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