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KING OSCAR: Yellowfin Tuna Fillet Jalapeno Pepper, 6.7 oz

Experience the mildest, most tender tuna you’ve ever had – with just the right amount of heat! Ultra-premium yellowfin tuna fillets marinated in top-grade extra virgin olive oil with all-natural, gourmet green jalapeño peppers for indulgent taste. Wild-caught, dolphin-safe, backed by SeaChange™ for sustainability. Special “easy pour” jar design for perfect whole fillets. Delicious in salads or tuna steak sliders, makes gourmet fish tacos so easy! Try the extra virgin olive oil as part of your salad dressing or pasta sauce. You can even pour the flavor-infused oil and spices into a saucer, add some balsamic vinegar, and use as dip with fresh-baked bread!  

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