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NATIVE FOREST: Organic Sliced Bamboo Shoots, 14 oz

Native Forest Organic Sliced Bamboo Shoots are tasty Asian vegetables that characterize popular regional dishes such as soup and stir fry. We begin with a special variety of certified organic bamboo and harvest the young shoots when they’re at their most tender. We wash, slice and promptly pack the organic bamboo shoots to retain their delicate flavor and crisp "al dente" texture. Our mission is to offer you the most delicious and healthful bamboo shoots while renewing the fertility of the soil using time-tested organic practices. We believe organic principles make sense for people, for the planet and for the product. You and your family will love the great taste and convenience of Native Forest Organic Sliced Bamboo Shoots. The quality that you see and taste is only a hint of the care behind this and every Native Forest product. Enjoy!