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NATURE'S WAY: Primadophilus Kids Orange Chewables Ages 2-12, 30 Tablets

Primadophilus® Kids Chewable probiotic tablets for children ages 2-12. The True Guarantee of Primadophilus The Primadophilus brand is backed by an unparalleled True GuaranteeTM that ensures consistent purity, potency and intestinal delivery. This 3 part guarantee includes:True Potency The potency of CFUs claimed on the label is fully guaranteed until expiration, not just at time of manufacture. True ReleaseEvery Primadophilus capsule and Vcap® is specially coated to ensure optimal survival in stomach acid and proper release into the intestine. True IdentityOnly the probiotic strains listed on the label make their way into a Primadophilus product.

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