Hand Inserted Bathing and Grooming

Features Dual-Sided Hand Pockets for convenient Drying after Bathing or Grooming

Composed of a Quick-Drying Microfiber that is also Super Absorbent

Material is Super-Soft and easy on the Skin and Coat, Perfect size for Small to Large Breeds and all Hair Types

Features Tough Webbed Stitching for Long Lasting Durability

Available in Multiple Colors

Pet Life ® 'Dry-Aid' Hand Inserted Bathing and Grooming Quick-Drying Microfiber Pet Towel is composed of a Super-Soft Microfiber material that provides Quick-Drying properties that's perfect for drying off your pet after bathing, with high Absorbency properties. Features Dual-Pocketed insertable hand sleeves on each side that keeps hands clean while making it convenient to dry. The Fibers are also soft and gentle on the skin and great for all sized Dog and Cat breeds and hair types. Machine Washable and Available in Multiple Colors.

25.6 X 8.27 X .3