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RUSTY'S: Black Pepper Chips, 3 oz

Are you a fan of Black Pepper? like really a fan? Do you like a side of salad, eggs, steak etc…. with your black pepper?When I go out to eat and they bring the grinder over for my salad I just tell the server “keep grinding until your arm hurts, then grind some more”So when searching for the Black Pepper to put on our chips we tried a lot of different kinds….some were good and some tasted like having a mouth full of sand…needless to say we opted to stay away from the tasteless “mouth full of sand” varieties. Our Black pepper is potent, and coarse enough to satisfy a true pepper lover. Just like the salt we use, Rusty’s Chips does not cheap out. We could easily buy 50lb bags of tasteless pepper for almost nothing, but we don’t. Our customers don’t like tasteless cheap ingredients, and neither do we.Give them a shot and you will see.

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