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SMART JUICE: 100% Juice Organic Pomegranate, 33.8 oz

SMART JUICE’s Pomegranate is prepared from organically grown pomegranates. Our pomegranates are tree-ripened and hand-picked. There are different varieties of pomegranates. We carefully combine sour and tart with sweet and juicy pomegranates for an unforgettable combination. Only from SMART JUICE can you find a pomegranate juice with just the right amount of tanginess, just a hint of earthiness, and a heaping of robust fruitiness. Add SMART JUICE’s Pomegranate to a glass of wine for an antioxidant boost, or enjoy it as is for, not just the taste, but for its health benefits, too. Pomegranates contain a phytochemical compound that stimulates serotonin and estrogen reception, and it helps unblock blood vessels. Certified kosher, too!