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TREE OF LIFE: Juice Concentrate Pomegranate Unsweetened, 16 oz

Staying energetic with the Pomegranate Concentrate Unsweetened The pomegranate concentrate unsweetened is basically a beverage which aims at providing its users with an opportunity to increase the amounts of energy and nutrients their bodies absorp. Those who do not take sugar at all or those who take it in small amounts will find the pomegranate concentrate unsweetened to be very helpful. Product features Unsweetened - No Sugar Added Non GMO Cold pressed Non-toxic Directions for use It is very easy to prepare this concentrate unsweetened. Since it is a juice you will have to form a mixture since it is not a ready to drink juice. You are to mix 8 tea spoons of the unsweetened juice with 8 ounces of clean water to ensure that you maintain the taste and nutrient distribution of the pomegranate concentrate unsweetened. Legal disclaimer The above information might not be a full listing of the entire information provided by the manufacturer and it should be your business to make sure that you get all the facts right about the pomegranate concentrate unsweetened and you ca achieve this by reading through the packaging of the juice where you will also get to learn about the warnings by the manufacturer.

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