BLUE BUFFALO: Wilderness Kittens Chicken Recipe

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Ignite your kitten's wild spirit with BLUE BUFFALO: Wilderness Kittens Chicken Recipe, now available in a generous 4 lb bag. This isn't just kitten food; it's a culinary masterpiece inspired by the untamed nature of the lynx, a wild relative of our cherished feline friends. Bursting with protein-rich deboned chicken, it's a grain-free delight designed to help build strong muscles, ensuring your kitten grows into a powerhouse of energy and agility. Enriched with DHA to support cognitive development, this recipe offers the perfect start for your young feline's journey into a life of curiosity and adventure. Choose BLUE Wilderness for Kittens and give them a taste of the wild, because their future of growth and exploration deserves nothing but the best.

Every pack boasts a generous 4.0lb capacity.