Natural Himalayan Yak Chews Cheese Dog Treats

Did you know Yak Cheese has hundreds of years of history? Our Himalayan Yak Chews are made from 99.8% Yak Milk, 0.1% of lime, and salt in a Traditional way. Which helps your puppies easy to digest. This premium treat is a good source of amino acids, known to support brain health as well as body and coat health. These long-lasting chews also promote healthy teeth and gums. No grain and No Lactose make Allergy Free for your puppies. Also, This treat has no additives, fillers, hormones, chemicals, or preservatives.

Product Highlights:

Sing ingredient - All our dog treats are made with one ingredient, no additives, no hormones, no harmful chemicals, and NO JUNK!

Odorless - Our outstanding quality control and low-odor treats are distinguished from others. We won't reek up your shelves!

High Minerals - Did you know Yak milk contains at least 1.2 to up to 4 times more minerals than milk?

High Amino Acids - Yak milk contains up to 2 times more essential amino acids than milk.

Smoked effect - It improves the flavor of the cheese, delays bacterial growth, maintains the antibacterial properties of microorganisms, and acts as a natural preservative

Long Last - Your puppy would chew Yak Cheese for a couple of hours (Depending on the dog breed)

How to eat?
1. Give the whole piece of yak cheese to chew.
2. Microwave 30~90s to make crunchy Yak puffs.
3. Input Yak puffs to 158°F water for 5 mins, making it soft for old puppies to eat and digest well.

99.8% Yak milk, 0.1% lime, and 0.1% salt
Height: Avg 5.5 inch
Thickness: Avg 1 inch
Weight: Avg 3-4 oz each