PORTLAND PET FOOD COMPANY: Rosies Beef N Rice Meal Pouch, 9 oz

Introducing Rosie's Beef N Rice Meal Pouch, a wholesome 9 oz serving of pure goodness for your beloved dog. Our commitment to quality is unwavering – all of our meals are crafted with 100% natural, USA-sourced ingredients, making them ready-to-eat homestyle dog meals of the highest caliber. We source our ingredients from human-grade, all-natural meat raised without antibiotics or hormones, ensuring that your dog receives the very best. With our shelf-stable, homestyle meals and toppers, you can effortlessly enhance your dog's diet with a variety of flavors. Plus, our pouches are shelf-stable for two years, making them convenient for your pantry, and they are also microwavable for added flexibility. Our Earth-friendly approach and BPA-free packaging mean you can feel as good as your dog does about mealtime. Give your dog the wholesome nutrition they deserve with Rosie's Beef N Rice Meal Pouch.